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We Are Watch Meet Make

Welcome to Watch Meet Make! We’ve been busy here at the office, crunching the numbers, pouring through the data, shaking hands and analyzing mountains of footage to bring you the very best of what to Watch, who to Meet and how to Make the most amazing media content. But why?

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We love great media, from classics like “Citizen Kane” to contemporary favorites including “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Max,” as well as quality web content like “High Maintenance” and “House of Cards.” And as wildly different as these media properties are, they all shine in unique and interesting ways – and we want to help you explore them by highlighting the best of the best. Maybe you’ll find your next favorite film. Or perhaps a creative individual whose cinematic style or business acumen help shape your own pursuits. And hopefully you’ll pick up enough tips and tricks to further your own creative sensibilities.

Our mission is simple: Inspire Better Content. Welcome to Watch Meet Make!


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