Shatzkin Still Frames1

The History of Acting

Part 1: Thespis to Stanislavski

The Foreseen Possibilities in Production

Debt | Late Money

50% | Midway Money

Equity Stake | Early Money

Keeping the Production Small and the Value High is not an Impossibility. Watch The Impossibilities.

“EastSiders” Shows Us How Far Web Content Has Come, and How Far It Can Go

Breaking Down The Godfather’s Opening Scene

Depth Through Light and Shadow

What Is the Responsibility of the Artist When Pioneering a New Space?

The Short Film Is Dead

The Importance of Production Design in 2 Minutes

Artists Today Need To Believe In Their Art As A Business

On Raging Bull and the Emotional Heart of a Story

Tips on How to Conduct Yourself on Set – Sam Taybi

If You’re Gonna Be All ‘Millennial’ About It, This Life is Not for You

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