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Media Education for the Digital Age



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What to WATCH, who to MEET, and how to MAKE better New Media content.

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Roger Corman

We automatically think of art and business as two opposing forces, but Roger Corman’s career offers a nice counter-argument to that assumption.

the blair witch project the blair witch project WATCH

The Blair Witch Project

With no budget but truly inspired marketing, “The Blair Witch Project” used found footage horror to frighten both audiences and movie studios.

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Crypt TV

Weird isn’t the new normal, just the new online niche. #WeirdIsGood #CryptTVFamily

Leonard_Bernstein_NYWTS_1955 Leonard_Bernstein_NYWTS_1955 MAKE


You’re not going to become the next Hans Zimmer after reading this, but you’ll at least know your options for music.